Z3DLAB SAS, After 5 Years Of R&D, Is Announcing Availability Of A Family Of NEW Advanced Titanium Specifically Designed For AM, ZTi-Powder® & ZTi-Med® (3D Printing Europe 2019)

Dr Jean-Jacques Fouchet, VP/Business Development


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Using new advanced manufacturing like AM to produce unseen parts is a breakthrough but realizing that those machine are the XXI century foundries is a must in terms of having unseen materials. Z3DLAB SAS through its new family of advanced Titanium ZTi-Powder® & ZTi-Med® is offering specifically designed advanced Titanium for the AM factories with no change in machine parameters, no part redesign and unseen material properties.

Speaker Biography (Jean-Jacques Fouchet)

Jean-Jacques Fouchet
VP Business development / Co-founder at Z3DLAB
Co-founder of a French Start Up established near Paris in January 2014

Company Profile (Z3DLAB)

Z3DLAB logo
If additive manufacturing is a disruptive technology by its capacity to produce unseen geometrical parts, it is in the creation of new composites where the revolution lies. There is no single material that fits all.
Experts and metal composites engineering company. Develops and markets new advanced materials and process technology for the additive metal market to revolutionize the next generation of Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Petrochemicals, Luxury... parts. World's premiere for ZTi-Powder and ZTi-Med both from a Fusion of Titanium and ceramic.
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