48V Systems For Light Mobility (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Europe 2019)

Dr Bernhardt Lueddecke, Product Manager eMobility
Continental Powertrain


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Presentation Summary

Year upon year more people live in urban areas, megacities and other spaces that suffer from ambient air pollution. Health and quality of living can be significantly reduced. Actually, this might even be a stronger driver for change to Light eMobility solutions than current or future legislation demands. Reshaping city traffic will require a new mix of transportation. This will range from individual to public, with different technologies filling the gaps of rail, bus, and tram. Adopting proven and mature automotive technology paves the way for this transition. To make Light eMobility attractive, it needs to be comfortable, easy, safe and reliable. 48 Volt technology, which is currently on the advance in mild hybrid cars, can make a great contribution to this field.

Speaker Biography (Bernhardt Lueddecke)

Bernhardt has a proven track record in several technical & management functions. Coming from a background in combustion engines, turbomachinery and aero-thermodynamics, over the past years he has successfully transitioned to R&D in the field of electrical & mechatronic systems. As Product Manager eMobility, Bernhardt coordinates the activities related to light electric propulsion within Continental's Product Line DriveTrain. The considered portfolio covers the whole range of personal micro mobility & solutions for last mile transportation (e.g. small push scooters, wheelchairs, Pedelecs & eBikes, cargo bikes, 50ccm equivalent eScooters or electric mopeds).

Company Profile (Continental Powertrain)

With sales of €44 billion in 2017, Continental is among the leading automotive suppliers worldwide and currently employs more than 240,000 employees in 61 countries. The Powertrain division develops and produces efficient system solutions for vehicle powertrains to optimize fuel consumption. The comprehensive range of products includes gasoline and diesel injection systems, engine management and transmission control, including sensors and actuators, exhaust-gas after -treatment technologies, fuel supply systems, and components and systems for hybrid and electric drives. Powertrain employs more than 40,490 people worldwide and, in 2017, recorded sales of about €7.7 billion.
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