Enabling Technologies - Die Attach And Substrate Technologies For Power Electronics Integrated In Electric Vehicles (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Europe 2019)

Dr Louis Costa,
AB Mikroelektronik GmbH


Europe 2019 (pdf) Presentation - IDTechEx*
Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Within this presentation I give a short technology overview of state-of-the-art die attach and substrate technologies applicable to different power electronics for hybridization and full electric vehicles. For high power applications and more sophisticated real electric vehicle applications I give examples of more exotic materials both for die attach and substrate technologies. I describe strategies for layout, design and choice of suitable material combinations from automotive series production of real products already existent in the field. Examples for electrified water pumps, three-phase inverters for 48 V and high voltage applications, in-wheel electric driving applications, DC-DC converters with wide-bandgap semiconductors for different power levels between few hundreds of Watt up to 200 kWatts are presented. Last I present latest R&D work both for highly efficient power and lighting electronics for next generation electric vehicles.