Energy Storage 2.0, The Latest Trends In Incorporating Battery Storage Into Solar, EV & Wholesale Revenues (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2019)

Steve Kelley, Senior Vice President
United States


USA 2019 _ Engie _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Engie _ Presentation*

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Speaker Biography (Steve Kelley)

Steve is the Senior Vice President at ENGIE Storage - formerly known as Green Charge. Steve brings more than 25 years of domain experience, specializing in the renewable energy and high-tech sectors. Prior to Green Charge Networks, Steve spent six years in the solar industry in leadership roles for SoCore Energy, DRI Energy, and SunPower. Steve's prior sales management experience includes management positions at Solectron, Oracle, Visa, and IBM. Steve received his bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley.

Company Profile (Engie)

ENGIE Storage helps power the world more efficiently and sustainably. As the United States' number one distributed energy storage company, it serves energy producers, distributors, and consumers, including utilities, network operators, and energy consumers in business and government.
ENGIE Storage is part of ENGIE North America Inc., which offers a range of capabilities in the U.S. and Canada to help customers decarbonize, decentralize, and digitalize their operations. These include clean electricity generation, cogeneration, and energy storage; retail energy supply that includes renewable, demand response, and on-bill financing options, and comprehensive services that help customers run facilities more efficiently and optimize energy use and expense. Nearly 100 percent of the company's power generation portfolio is low carbon or renewable. Globally, ENGIE is the largest independent power producer and a leading energy efficiency services provider in the world, employing 160,000 people.
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