The Teiimo - ii Series Smart Shirts Become Your Daily Guardian (Wearable Europe 2019)

Mr Markus Strecker, CEO and Founder


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Teiimo 's novel system integration technologies for smart garments are used to enhance the safety and security of workers in industrial applications. The powerful combination of highly integrated microelectronics, novel wireless transmission techniques in combination with artificial intelligence and cloud systems makes smart garments our daily guardians. Work safety, healthy training and medical applications are main market drivers.

Speaker Biography (Markus Strecker)

Markus Strecker is the CEO and founder of Teiimo. He is an international executive and a renowned technology expert in semiconductor electronics and wearable product development with experience in large corporate operations, as well as in start-up environments. His track record in transferring research results into products is outstanding.
His career started in large electronics technology companies as for example Motorola or Infineon. Later he joined adidas to lead the development of the miCoach Elite Team System. The system was in use by the German National Team and numerous professional soccer teams all over the world.

Company Profile (Teiimo)

Teiimo logo
Teiimo is one of the leasing companies for textile system integration in the field of conformable electronics.
The young company located in Munich, develops its own products and technologies but also works for other companies and organization as development and technology partner. Teiimo was founded by Markus Strecker, a renowned expert for wearable technologies of many years.
Teiimo 's vision is to make Life easier, more comfortable and more fun.
Within the developments the technology always follows function and comfort.
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