Thermal Management Integration And New Leak And Intrusion Testing Methods For Aluminium Battery Enclosures (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Europe 2019)

Mr Kai Schwarz, Lead Engineer EV


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Presentation Summary

Given their position in the vehicle, battery enclosures are vulnerable to crash but also to intrusion. As Constellium continues to study new materials and joining technologies for this important new product segment, it is also creating new testing methods, fixtures and devices. Two major areas of study are leak- and intrusion testing. Leak testing ensures that the enclosure does not allow air or liquid in or out of the enclosure, while intrusion testing confirms that the materials are standing up to potential threats from road debris. The excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum allows the thermal management function to be integrated into the battery enclosure, which reduces potential leak points by moving them to the outside of the enclosure.

Speaker Biography (Kai Schwarz)

Kai Schwarz is Lead Engineer for Constellium's Automotive Structures Electric Vehicles team. He joined Constellium in 2016 and has been instrumental in the design and development of battery enclosures, as well as other structural components for Constellium's global automaker customers. As the team leader, Kai is responsible for series development of electromobility products and predevelopment of new technologies, working with colleagues in Europe, the U.S. and China. Previously, Kai served as deputy design manager at WEFA with a focus on extrusion projects. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from DHBW Ravensburg.

Company Profile (Constellium)

Constellium is a global leader in innovative, value-added aluminium products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including automotive, aerospace and packaging. As a full-service automotive supplier, Constellium provides design, development, simulation, testing, prototype and production services for global programs. A specialist in Crash Management Systems, body structure components and battery enclosures, as well as auto body sheet solutions, Constellium addresses the industry's need for lightweighting, improved safety and thermal management for electric vehicles.
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