Improve Training And Skills Transfer With Eye Tracking (Sensors Europe 2019)

Mr Martin Arvidsson, Client Service Manager/Senior Research Advisor
Tobii Pro


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*
Europe 2019 (video) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Our eyes are our most developed sense and reveal a lot about our cognitive processes. By observing gaze patterns it's possible to obtain valuable information about a person's skills and subconscious behaviors - knowledge that can be difficult to see or explain and which may take years or decades to attain. This insight can be recorded and measured and then used for skills training and assessment across a range of professions and sectors such as manufacturing, medical, sports, aviation, and mining.

Speaker Biography (Martin Arvidsson)

Martin received his doctorate at Stockholm University in 2012 in the field of psychophysics. The following years he has worked with human measurement in applied industrial research. Since 2017 he is a client service manager and senior research advisor at Tobii Pro Insight for applied eye tracking research in industrial settings.

Company Profile (Tobii AB)

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Tobii Pro, part of the Tobii Group, is the leading provider of eye tracking research solutions and services designed to deepen the understanding of human behaviour. Through eye tracking insights, business and science professionals are enabled to drive change and further their research. With his consultancy branch, Tobii Pro helps businesses make better business-critical decisions, without costing them the time and expense of developing their own in-house capabilities.
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