Industry 4.0: Real Time Warehouse Condition Monitoring (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019)

Dr Ulrich Herleb, Regional Account Manager
Brewer Science GmbH


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

As Industry 4.0 enables "smart factories" of tomorrow by connecting equipment and systems in real-time fashion like never before, it makes sense that the same digital revolution that is fundamentally transforming industry is also advancing the sophistication and interconnectedness of logistics that feed industry.
Brewer Science is developing real-time warehouse condition monitoring systems that enable more predictive analytics, improve efficiency and prevent costly equipment failures. Our printed sensor systems integrate into existing logistics platforms and deliver enhanced levels of data, mount external to established processes and are capable of sending data directly to existing customer production floor and warehouse management systems.
The leading sensor types and sensor system packages for smart warehouse/smart logistics applications will be presented, along with various aspects of technical performance that enhance their appeal to Industry 4.0-leading companies worldwide.

Company Profile (Brewer Science)

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Brewer Science is a global technology leader in developing and manufacturing innovative materials, processes, and equipment for the reliable fabrication of cutting-edge microdevices used in electronics such as tablet computers, smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, and LED lighting. Brewer Science provides process flexibility and a competitive edge for its customers and plays a critical role in the supply chain.
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