3D Printed Electronics - Rapid Prototyping Of PCBs With BotFactory 2.0 To Accelerate Product Research And Development (3D Printing Europe 2018)

Mr JF Brandon, Sales & Marketing Manager
United States


Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - BotFactory*
Europe 2018 Video Presentation - BotFactory*

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Presentation Summary

Printed Circuits Boards are the core element of every single device in the modern world, but creating these devices often requires months of prototyping and iteration. BotFactory aims to supplant this costly and necessary process by integrating circuit printing and assembly into a small, desktop machine, leveraging new developments in nanotechnology and computer vision. It is possible with BotFactory to create functional PCBs in only an hour directly from a GERBER file.

Company Profile (BotFactory)

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Building electronic devices has always been a compromise between cost, flexibility and time. BotFactory is born with the idea of providing all three, anywhere and to everyone. By combining technologies like inkjet, extrusion and machine vision, BotFactory's products democratize electronics design by providing the tools to easily print and assemble electronic circuits at the Lab, Office or Home.
Come by Booth G10 to see BotFactory's latest generation in PCB Printing, BotFactory SV2. Capable of much more precision and quality than their first product, Squink, SV2 promises rapid prototyping at a push of a button.
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