3D Printing Cost Analysis Considerations. From Prototyping To Manufacturing With MJF (3D Printing Europe 2018)

Mr Aleix Oriol, Project Manager/Product Development


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Presentation Summary

As systems are improved and more materials are available, 3d printing usage in manufacturing is becoming more and more advantageous and widespread. However, this transition from prototyping to manufacturing is not immediate and requires a detailed analysis both on the costs and also on a new set of requirements and constraints that need to be examined upfront. In this talk we will go through this cost analysis and we will cover briefly these other main considerations that, depending on the application, need to be taken into account for this transition to be successful.

Speaker Biography (Aleix Oriol)

Aleix Oriol is the Writing Systems and materials manager of the 3D Printing R&D Dept. in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). He is responsible of the development of the MJF 3D print engine and of the performance of the MJF printers and materials in terms of part quality and speed. He started working at HP as a 2D printing Writing System Engineer and since then he has been holding a number of engineering and management positions within the R&D Dept. He completed his B.Sc. in Engineering, another one in Economics, and also holds an MBA from the ESADE business school.

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