A Lean And Efficient Approach For Commercializing Rechargeable Lithium Metal Cells (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Jason Koeller, Battery Scientist
United States


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Presentation Summary

A rechargeable battery based on a lithium metal anode is the next revolution in battery technology. Cuberg has developed an extremely safe, practically-manufacturable rechargeable lithium-metal system with specific energy over 400 Wh/kg. The battery is based on a new highly-stable and nonflammable electrolyte which enables reversible cycling of the lithium metal anode and the use of the best lithium-ion cathodes available today.

Speaker Biography (Jason Koeller)

Jason Koeller received his BS in physics from UT Austin, and his PhD in theoretical physics from Berkeley. He is passionate about using science and engineering to extend the bounds of human capability. Jason joined Cuberg as a battery scientist in 2017.

Company Profile (Cuberg)

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Cuberg was founded in 2015 by Dr. Richard Wang and Dr. Mauro Pasta out of Stanford University. We combine fundamental R&D with practical engineering and contract manufacturing to enable the next-generation in safe, energy-dense batteries based on lithium metal. Less than nine months after entering the prestigious Cyclotron Road hard technology startup incubator and closing a seed investment round from its first customer and strategic partner, Cuberg demonstrated the successful scale-up of the technology into pouch and 18650 format cells.
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