Add Voice Commands To Wearable Consumer Products (Sensors USA 2017)

Mr Mark Buccini, Director
Texas Instruments
United States


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Presentation Summary

Consumers have become comfortable using voice to interface with higher-end electronic device such as mobile phones and home automation appliances. While convenient, reliable and now commonplace, voice recognition historically is relatively high-power in the 10s of milliamp range requiring mains supply or daily recharging. This paper describes in detail new innovation that enables adding ultra-low voice commands to small, battery-powered medical, fitness and other wearable products. Combing optimized silicon and a light-weight recognizer algorithm, voice commands can now be added requiring just micro-amps that thus enabling continuous operation approaching one year from common batteries. The technical process and engineering trade-offs of adding voice commands to battery-powered wearable products will be presented.

Speaker Biography (Mark Buccini)

Mark E. Buccini is responsible for advanced mixed-signal product platform strategy and execution as a staff member at Texas Instruments supporting the company's Kilby Research Labs. He has 30 years of experience that spans a range of application areas including ultra-low power deeply embedded systems, energy harvesting, human machine interface, energy metering, smart grid, wireless sensor networks, intelligent motor drives and voice recognition.
In addition to strategic responsibilities for TI, Mark regularly blogs and has authored over 100 papers that have been published around world including in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Business Journal, IEEE, EDN, APEC, ESC, Sensors Expo and even Nuts and Volts among many others. The technical workshops he has authored have been delivered live to over 20,000 engineers worldwide.
Mark lives in Allen, Texas, is married with two children and has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

Company Profile (Texas Instruments)

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