Advanced Opto-electrical Characterization of Solar Cells (Printed Electronics Asia 2013)

Mr Takeshi Akiyama, Technical Consultant
Fluxim AG / Cybernet Systems
2013 7월10일.


Fluxim AG / Cybernet Systems - Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Accurate device characterization is essential for research and development of solar cells for any material type or structure. Obtaining reliable material and device parameters is important, since it leads to a better understanding of device operation and the quantification of loss mechanisms.
We present an overview of state-of-the-art experimental techniques and show an approach to extract material and device parameters with a much higher accuracy as exemplified with an organic solar cell. We use analytical and numerical analysis for steady-state and transient experiments to increase the accuracy of the extracted model parameters and to reduce parameter correlation.

Speaker Biography (Takeshi Akiyama)

Mr. Takeshi Akiyama is technical consultant at Cybernet Systems Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan, where he is responsible for technical consulting, training and support as a member of the optical solutions department. In this role, he has been consulting the customers in the Japanese OLED and solar cell industry and has become an advanced user of Fluxim products. Prior to his employment at Cybernet, Mr. Akiyama served the Japan International Cooperation Agency as a teacher abroad and worked at Canon Corporation as an R&D engineer for optics.

Company Profile (Fluxim AG)

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FLUXiM is provider of device simulation and optimization software to the display, lighting, and photovoltaics industries. We offer user- friendly and CPU-efficient software with advanced physical models as well as prompt technical support. We develop and commercialize the software SETFOS, a software designed to simulate light harvesting in (organic and inorganic) solar cells, light emission from thin-film devices such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), and electronic processes in organic semiconducting multilayer systems. The software comes with extensive documentation and language support in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
CYBERNET SYSTEMS is one of FLUXiM's distributors in Japan.
CYBERNET SYSTEMS has developed its solutions business using computer
technology and through these endeavors has contributed to society. This
is our purpose for existing as a company and the source of our corporate
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