Advances In Solar Vehicle Technologies (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2017)

Martijn Lammers, Hardware Interaction Design
Solar Team Eindhoven


Europe 2017 Presentation - Solar Team Eindhoven*

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Company Profile (Solar Team Eindhoven)

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Solar Team Eindhoven has been developing and building practical, energy independent vehicles since 2013. Stella Lux, the latest model, is energy positive. This means the vehicle gathers more energy than it needs for average driving in the Dutch climate, by an average Dutch driver.
Solar Team Eindhoven is based in Eindhoven, Netherlands and is entirely run by students. Solar Team Eindhoven has been the winner of the last 2 editions of the World Solar Challenge Cruiser class. In 2015, they received a Techcrunch Crunchie Award for "Best Technology Achievement" beating Apple, SpaceX and ESA.
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