Adventures Of An Engineer in A Garment Factory (Wearable USA 2018)

Mr James Berg, Manager of Mechanical Engineering
United States


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USA 2018 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Garment manufacturing is very different from electronics manufacturing. Finding factories that want to deal with both, even if only for final assembly is difficult. Once you do find a partner to work with, you will face challenges introducing new equipment and techniques.

Speaker Biography (James Berg)

James Berg has worked at Athos for five years, the last four as head of the mechanical engineering team. He was the first person to join after Athos was funded, and he has designed, prototyped, or collaborated on every product while also contributing to many other aspects of building a successful company. Before Athos he worked at various startups in the consumer electronics and solar industries. He graduated from Cornell University in 2005 with a B.E. in Civil Engineering and grew up building with everything he could get his hands on: LEGOs, Erector Sets, gingerbread, etc.

Company Profile (Athos)

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Athos is a sports performance technology company that has integrated surface electromyography sensors into high performance clothing and built a software platform to visualize the valuable and differentiated muscular level activity data captured within, providing robust analytics and insights to any athlete and coach utilizing the technology. Our mission is to help athletes train more efficiently and reach their performance goals faster. We have had the privilege of working with and helping improve some of the fastest and strongest athletes on the planet.
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