Analysis Of The Spoke Motor Architecture For Automotive Traction Applications (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2017)

Mr Alisdair McClymont, Alisdair McClymont
Equipmake Ltd
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

There are a number of different motor architectures currently in use for hybrid and electric vehicles. These include rare earth permanent magnet as well as non permanent magnet motors such as induction motors. Whilst there is a lot of research around finding a motor solution which does not require expensive rare earth magnets, these motors currently offer the highest specific performance. This presentation shows an analysis of a spoke type interior permanent magnet motor, which offers a reduction of 25% in the magnetic material required compared with conventional interior permanent magnet motors. The presentation also shows a design route to mass manufacture

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Equipmake's mission is to provide State of the Art control System Solutions for niche and specialist markets. Established in 1997, the Company's core expertise is in the development of power electronic control systems and high performance motors. Equipmake has built up signification expertise in the development of ultra high performance motors and motor control inverters.
Utilising the latest design tools, Equipmake can take a project from initial specification, through modelling and simulation, mechanical and electronic design, through to prototype production. Equipmake has relationships with key suppliers through the supply chain, which enables us to produce prototype motor systems in short timescales.
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