Applications for 3D Printed Micro-Lattice Light Weight Composite Sandwich Structures (3D Printing Europe 2015)

Bamidele Ali, VP Business Development
Architected Materials
United States
2015 4월28일.

Speaker Biography (Bamidele Ali)

Bamidele Ali is an accomplished engineer and seasoned business leader charged with developing a multi-million dollar 3D printing strategy for the Global materials company, DSM. After being ranked in the top 10th percentile for fortune 500 companies like IBM and General Electric Healthcare, he expanded his innovative impact by launching a Research & Product Development firm specializing in nanotechnology based designs and engineering consulting services. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a leader in Lean Product Development, there aren't many in industry more experienced in the necessities of high quality production and the requirements needed to introduce leading edge technologies into the marketplace.
An admitted serial entrepreneur he enjoys speaking to both organizations and youth about the importance of turning their daydreams into new products. As a result of co-founding a charter school he was invited to be a guest panelist on the Oprah Winfrey show targeted to discuss how socioeconomic challenges impact education, our communities, and thus our youth.
With years of experience in design, defining technology roadmaps, and creating new business models, his focus is now turned "dimensionally" on 3D printing. With advances in 3D printing his 7-year old son's Freedom Ali ability to innovate will only be limited by his creativity, not by the tools at his disposal. Join us as he helps cut through the rhetoric to arrive at the truly possible! The only question that will remain is how much of the future to introduce right now.

Company Profile (Architected Materials)

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Architected Materials is an advanced materials manufacturing company focused on enhancing high-performance 3D products using our patented and innovative technology, Architected Lattice. We enable manufacturers to design and build faster, lighter, more cost effective products of tomorrow by leveraging the power and flexibility of Architected Lattice. Our technology was originally developed by HRL Laboratories (formerly the Howard Hughes Research Laboratory) for use in Aerospace and advanced automotive applications. We are now developing micro-lattice products for us in sporting goods (Skis, hockey sticks, helmets), medical and other market applications. Through our ability to architect the material shape, we greatly expand the functionality of traditional cellular materials
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