Asynchronous Motor Instead Of PM Synchronous Motor For Electric Traction Drives - The Advantages And Disadvantages (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2017)

Mr Thomas Vetter, General Manager and Technical Director


Europe 2017 Presentation - ARADEX*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - ARADEX*

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Presentation Summary

The discussion to use AC induction motors or permanent magnet motors has two faces. On the one hand we have to look on efficiency, weight and size. But as well we have to recognize the international strategic dependency on magnets. As we can show: for traction drives we can realize with ACIM motors same efficiency like with pm motors.

Speaker Biography (Thomas Vetter)

Mr. Vetter graduated in physics in 1989 from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Immediately after graduation he co-founded the ARADEX GmbH company motivated mainly by the aim of faster utilization of current research findings for professional and industrial applications. This standard is still today cornerstone of the ARADEX AG, proved by the numerous innovation prizes and world records achieved with ARADEX products.
Thomas Vetter is significantly responsible for development, innovations and strategy. His philosophy is "physics is my profession, being a business man is my vocation". Being innovative does not exclude being down to earth. To this end Mr. Vetter is also a member of the local council, the chamber of industry and commerce and member of the board of trustees for the University of Applied Science in Aalen and for the Steinbeis foundation.

Company Profile (ARADEX)

Your specialist for drive electronics in plant engineering and in mobile applications. With our dynamic and extremely precise electric drives and our extensive engineering services we implement applications for you that were previously not possible with standard technology.
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