Bioelectronic Medicine (Sensors USA 2017)

Mr Sebastien Ouchouche, Principal Engineer
Galvani Bioelectronics
United Kingdom


USA 2017 Presentation - Galvani Bioelectronics*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Galvani Bioelectronics*

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Speaker Biography (Sebastien Ouchouche)

Sebastien leads the mechanical design efforts for the neural interface development at Galvani Bioelectronics.
Prior to his work at Galvani Bioelectronics, Sebastien worked in many areas of design engineering, across several countries. These include piezoelectric micro-systems in NOLIAC (Denmark) and Safran Electronics & Defense (France), before moving to implantable medical devices when he joined Sorin/LivaNova (France) to develop pacemaker and defibrillator systems, with specific focus on the leads and interfaces. Sebastien also spent 4 years at Medtronic (Netherlands) to work on the development of thin-film based leads and interfaces for deep brain stimulation.
Sebastien has a Master of Science in Mechanical and Microtechnoloy Engineering from the French National School of Mechanical Engineering and Microtechnology (ENSMM).

Company Profile (Galvani Bioelectronics UK)

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Formed through a partnership between global healthcare company, GSK, and leading technology company, Verily Life Sciences, Galvani Bioelectronics combines the complementary expertise of its parent companies to enable the research, development and commercialisation of bioelectronic therapies.
Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging scientific field, aiming to use tiny implantable devices to change precise electrical signals in nerves to treat a range of debilitating chronic diseases. Galvani Bioelectronics represents an important step change in the research and development of these medicines, combining GSK's discovery and development expertise and deep understanding of disease biology with Verily's world leading expertise in the miniaturisation of low power electronics, device development, data analytics and software development for clinical applications.
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