Bioprinting 3D Mini-Organs - The Science Fiction Is Real (3D Printing Europe 2018)

Tobias Grix,
Cellbricks GmbH


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Presentation Summary

Tobias Grix will give a short introduction to the founding story of Cellbricks GmbH. He will give an insight into his work on the development of bioprinted mini-organs in the field of state-of-the-art tissue engineering. From functional liver tissue to complex vascularization - bioprinting technology literally opens up a whole new dimension to medical research.

Speaker Biography (Tobias Grix)

Tobias Grix holds a dual bachelor degree in biotechnology and a master of science degree in medical biotechnology from Technische Universität Berlin. He has worked for multiple biotech startups and gained interdisciplinary experience in biology, tissue engineering and mechatronic systems. As one of the founding members of Cellbricks GmbH, his work focuses on biological as well as technical research and development in the field of 3D-bioprinting. His contributions to bioprinted mini-organs have been awarded numerous times for innovative technology.

Company Profile (Cellbricks GmbH)

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Cellbricks developed a new Bioprinting technology, which allows creating complex three-dimensional structures made of biological material. We are specialized in Bioprinting services, creating customized as well as off the shelf products. The company produces organ-models, living 3D cell cultures and scaffolds. Cellbricks empowers researchers to investigate functional human tissues for fundamental biological research or advanced regenerative therapies. Within 2016 Cellbricks established its technology and created its first Mini-Organs finding application in state of the art tissue engineering. The company won notable institutes and companies as pilot customers for individual projects. The team has won numerous awards for its innovative technology.
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