Boost Your Battery Performance With New-Generation Of Primed Al/Cu Foils (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2018)

Mr Thierry Dagron, Business Development Director


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Presentation Summary

Things are quite complex at the interface metal foil / electrode: a lot of chemical, physical and electrochemical phenomena occur i-e. internal resistance increase, corrosion attacks, lack of adhesion, solvent attacks, etc. It is very depend on the electrochemistry and process used by each battery manufacturers, and requires a customized approach.
In our presentation, we demonstrate how primed Al/Cu foils solve these problems. They provide battery manufacturers with the following benefits: longer cycle life, increased safety, fast charging, high power and energy density.

Speaker Biography (Thierry Dagron)

Thierry is Business Development Director at ARMOR where he leads product management, marketing, and sales, on a global basis for battery related activities.
With a strong entrepreneurship mindset, he is expert in bringing cutting-edge technologies to the market. Prior to joining ARMOR, he launched a start-up in sensors for battery management systems. He also contributed to the mobile phones revolution. He lived for 6 years in ASIA.
Thierry's background is Electrical Engineering. He holds a Master of Science from the University College of London, and SUPELEC in France

Company Profile (Armor)

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ARMOR offers primed Al/Cu foils to battery and ultracapacitor manufacturers. ARMOR is an intermediate-size industrial company ($300M revenues, 12 manufacturing facilities worldwide), specialist in high precision coating: 1.3 Billion sqm produced annually. Leveraging on 90 years' experience in formulation, coating technologies and raw materials characterization, ARMOR has developped En' Safe® a range of primed Al/Cu foils adding value to batteries by optimizing the interface between the cathode/anode and the metal foils.
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