Bridging the Future via Hybrid Flight (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing)

Mr Neil Cloughley, Managing Director
Faradair Aerospace Limited
United Kingdom
2015 4월28일.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Faradair Aerospace Limited*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - Faradair Aerospace Limited*

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Presentation Summary

Little noise and zero emissions? What's not to like about electric aviation? However the speed of transition to fleets of electric aircraft around the world is hindered by the weight of battery technology. Faradair wants to begin that transition to cleaner and quieter aviation via Hybrid flight opportunity today.

Speaker Biography (Neil Cloughley)

Neil Cloughley is Managing Director of Faradair Aerospace Limited with a vision to make Faradair and BEHA the leading brands in 'Hybrid' aviation. He is an Aviation and IT industry entrepreneur that has spent the last 12 years within the commercial aviation sector working with clients such as Virgin Galactic, TUI Travel PLC, TES Aviation, AAR and more. Faradair is the realisation of a 20 year dream to create a new British aircraft manufacturer, delivering innovative aviation solutions. Neil spent 4 years living and working in San Francisco, California and now lives with his wife in Cirencester, England.

Company Profile (Faradair Aerospace Limited)

Faradair Aerospace Limited logo
Faradair Aerospace Limited is an exciting new aircraft manufacturer, launching its first aircraft called BEHA (Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft). The objective is to utilise state of the art technologies in creating a new class of aircraft that increases aviation opportunity for all hours of the day or night. With a combination of electric motors and a biodiesel engine, coupled with an innovative 'Triple box-wing' airframe, BEHA is pushing future boundaries with a whisper to the past. Faradair is dedicated to clean and energy recovery technologies with intention to build one of the most eco-friendly production facilities in the world, delivering environmentally friendly aircraft to future generations.
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