Challenges of Energy Harvesting Solutions in Automotive Sensor Applications (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012)

Ms Mikaela Ohman, Chairman, Sensor Technology
Volvo Technology
2012 5월15일.


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Presentation Summary

  • There are many advantages of incorporating wireless energy harvesting components in automotive sensor applications, but the components will be subject to harsh conditions and demands
  • Challenges inherent to the automotive environment
  • Safety aspects
  • Security & dependability aspects

Speaker Biography (Mikaela Ohman)

Mikaela Öhman is the chairman of the Volvo Group sensor technology committee and works actively in the area of Advanced Technology & Research within the Volvo Group Trucks Technology organization. Mikaela joined the Volvo Group in 2001 and has experience from a majority of the Volvo Group product line. Her focus lies with electronic hardware development in automotive applications, in particular sensors and sensor related components. Mikaela holds a M.Sc in Space Engineering and a B.Sc in Electronics from Umeå University in Sweden.

Company Profile (Volvo Technology)

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Volvo GTT Advanced Technology & Research is a business unit within the Volvo Group with head office in Gothenburg, Sweden, and offices in France, United States, India and China. Volvo Advanced Technology & Research has more than 400 employees and is the research and innovation center that on contract basis invents, researches, develops, and integrates new products and business concepts and technology for hard as well as soft products within the transport and vehicle industry. We work primarily in the key technology areas: soft products, production, vehicle, propulsion & alternative drives, electronics, and methods. Our primary customers are the companies of the Volvo Group and Volvo Cars Corporation, but also selected suppliers. In addition, Volvo Advanced Technology & Research participates in national and international projects in certain strategic areas. Apart from research and development, Volvo Advanced Technology & Research offers specialist services in key expert functions: intellectual property protection, standardization and information retrieval. We develop functions, structures, and technologies for soft products, transport systems, complete vehicles, powertrains, vehicle electronics, manufacturing, maintenance, and much more.
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