Connected, Continuous & Coordinated: How mHealth Improves Standards of Care and Enables Connected Therapies in Order to Improve Therapies and Outcomes (Wearable Technology Europe 2015)

Mr Thomas Olesen, Commercial Director
Qualcomm Life
2015 4월28일.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Qualcomm Life*

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Presentation Summary

Healthcare systems around the world are under massive pressure and are starting to recognize the shift from fee for service to outcome based models. Connected and coordinated mobile care solutions enables new models and opportunities for drug delivery, monitoring, improved adherence and patient engagement. These new opportunities will draw upon proven models and technologies that have been globally scaled in other sectors (e.g. mobile technology) and can be selectively applied and appropriately modified for healthcare.

Speaker Biography (Thomas Olesen)

Thomas J. Olesen serves as Qualcomm Life's Commercial Director, Europe, establishing 2Net as preferred platform for remote patient monitoring. He brings extensive global experience from the world of medical devices and in recent years specifically within mHealth and telemedicine. A native Dane, he contributed in making Denmark a leader in telemedicine working with the ministries of Science and Health.
Due to his global background having lived and operated the majority of his life in major markets such as US, Brazil and today Germany, Thomas J. Olesen offers a global view on today's challenges and opportunities in mHealth.

Company Profile (Qualcomm Life)

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Powering Intelligent Care Everywhere
Qualcomm Life is enabling new connected care models by liberating vital data and unlocking insights in the hospital, at home and all points in between. Our open, enterprise-grade infrastructure connects to one of the world's largest health care ecosystems to inform care and make intelligent care anywhere, anytime, a reality.
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