Copenhagen Airport Has Gained Big Savings from RFID Asset Tracking (RFID Europe 2010)

Mr Jan Zacho, Manager, IT infrastructure
Copenhagen Airports A/S
2010 9월28일.


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Presentation Summary

  • Imagine how many things can be lost in a big airport
  • Extremely many hours are spend looking for stuff
  • We use the technology to increase passage satisfaction as well

Speaker Biography (Jan Zacho)

Jan Zacho (48) is the head of IT network operation in Copenhagen Airports. Jan has spend most of his career as a head of sales and marking in IT companies delivering complex networking solution. His is now trying in Copenhagen Airports to use the technology to increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction in order to support the company's growth strategy.

Company Profile (Copenhagen Airports A/S)

Copenhagen Airports A/S logo
CPH (Copenhagen Airports) is the biggest airport in the Nordic region with more that 22 million passengers per year. This year CPH will open the new Swift Terminal and this will make CPH the first dual airport in the world with both a low cost and premium product in the same airport. CPH has in numerous occasions been awarded prices for the best airport in Europe, the most efficient airport and recently also for the airport with most service orientated staff.
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