Cost Competitive Conductive Graphene Ink For Industrial Application (Graphene USA 2016)

Dr Simone Ligi, Director and Co-Founder
GNext s.a.s.


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Speaker Biography (Simone Ligi)

Dr. Simone Ligi is the director and co-founder of GNext. He has over ten years of experience in the field of polymer industry. His background spans from technical manager to sales manager, primarily with the multinational chemical company INEOS. In 2010 he begun analyzing potential business models for the just rising graphene industry, and developed a new process to produce graphene; an industrial scale up took over in 2013 by creation of GNext. Dr. Ligi has received his PhD in 2000 in Industrial Chemistry at University of Bologna. He is author of 6 patents and various scientific papers.

Company Profile (GNext s.a.s.)

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GNext is a SME that developed a unique technology to easily apply a thin film of graphene nanoplatelets to a wide range of materials e.g. polymers, ceramics, metals, etc. The water-based graphene suspensions produced by GNext allow creating a conductive semitransparent graphene film of thickness as low as 10 nm with a sheet resistance up to 1 KΩ/sq.
The new technology allow producing inks to print electrical conductive patterns with different technologies: rotogravure, inkjet, screen-printing, at volume resistivity below 4 ohms/sq/mil. GNext is not commercializing the graphene dispersion or ink, but is providing goods or services to coat customer products.
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