Customisable Ultra-High Efficiency PV Energy Harvester For Challenging IoT Applications (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2018)

Mr Mathieu Bellanger, Technical Director
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

We will introduce Lightricity unique ultra-high efficiency Photovoltaic technology that provides up to six times more power per unit area than other conventional PV technologies indoors. We will explain how Lightricity technology can be customised for challenging applications where space constrains, the efficiency and the operating temperature are critical.

Speaker Biography (Mathieu Bellanger)

Mathieu Bellanger is Technical Director of Lightricity, an Oxford spin-out from Sharp Laboratories of Europe that develops and produces the world's most efficient PV components for indoor light energy harvesting. Previously he was in in charge of developing the energy harvesting and IoT activity within Sharp Laboratories for the last 4 years. While working for Sharp between 2008 and 2017, Mathieu has also been involved in various projects covering a range of photovoltaic device technologies, for flat plate, CPV and space applications. Mathieu holds a physics and engineering degree from the French "Grande école" Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) of Toulouse together with a master's degree in Nanophysics from University of Paul Sabatier (Toulouse) in France.

Company Profile (Lightricity)

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Lightricity Ltd is a new spin-out company from Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Sharp's European R&D laboratory in Oxford. Lightricity has been established with the aim of commercialising and further developing the world-leading PV energy harvesting technology originating from Sharp Laboratories. Lightricity's energy harvesting technology is up to 6x more efficient per area, aesthetically more attractive and easier to integrate. Lightricity also offers customised IoT sub-systems and product solutions, eliminating the need for battery replacements or for recharging of low-power IoT products and devices.
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