Deepflight Manned Underwater Electric Vehicles (Future of Electric Vehicles USA 2010)

Mr Graham Hawkes, Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Hawkes Ocean Technologies, United States
United States
2010 12월7일.

Presentation Summary

  • Why it will be possible to make submarines that can emerge and fly as aircraft.

Speaker Biography (Graham Hawkes)

Graham is Founder and President of Hawkes Ocean Technologies, a privately held company based in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Graham Hawkes is an internationally renowned ocean engineer and explorer, and has been responsible for the design of a significant percentage of all manned (and more than 300 remote) underwater vehicles built for research or industry worldwide.
  • Mr. Hawkes expertise is in innovating highly advanced, cost effective solutions to access ocean (and other hazardous) territories.
  • Graham Hawkes has successfully founded six high technology companies, including, most recently, Hawkes Remotes, Hawkes Ocean Sports and Hawkes Ocean Technologies -- all of which develop state of the art manned and unmanned (electric) underwater vehicles.
  • Most recently, Mr Hawkes has built the world's only full ocean depth submersible, DeepFlight Challenger, which was originally commissioned by the late adventurer, Steve Fossett, but has since been taken over by Virgin. He has also introduced several new generations of manned vehicles, including DeepFlight Super Falcon and DeepFlight Merlin. The first Super Falcon was delivered to venture capitalist Tom Perkins, and the first DeepFlight Merlin was delivered to Sir Richard Branson. Most recently, Mr Hawkes deployed his Super Falcon on the first deep water survey of the Gulf of Aqaba (Jordan) and also completed the first hydrobatic tests of a submersible (Super Falcon) in Lake Tahoe.

Company Profile (Hawkes Ocean Technologies)

Hawkes Ocean Technologies logo
Hawkes Ocean Technologies (HOT) was founded in 1997 as a skunkworks to develop state of the art vehicles for deep ocean exploration. Founder, Graham Hawkes, a world-renowned engineer, has spent over forty years introducing innovative solutions for deep ocean access. Over the last few years, the Company has built submersibles for venture capitalist, Tom Perkins, Sir Richard Branson, and the world's only full ocean depth submersible for the late adventurer Steve Fossett. The Company is currently working on several projects with the US military, as well as designing/building submersibles for record-breaking dives, and organizing scientific and adventure expeditions to various locations around the world. Hawkes Ocean Technologies spun out two sister companies, Hawkes Ocean Sports, which provides the DeepFlight submersibles for recreation and tourism and Hawkes Remotes Inc., which is introducing a new generation of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Hawkes Ocean Technologies is a privately-held company based in the San Francisco Bay area.
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