Design And Analysis Of Aero-Elastic Energy Harvester Design (Energy Harvesting USA 2016)

Oliver Pirquet, Research Assistant
University of Victoria, B.C.


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - University of Victoria*
USA 2016 Audio Presentation - University of Victoria*

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Presentation Summary

This presentation will guide the audience through the fascinating phenomenon of aero-elastic flutter and its applications to wind power. The talk will elucidate the speaker's current research: the design and implementation of vibration based wind power and the physics that support its future potential in energy harvesting.

Speaker Biography (Oliver Pirquet)

Oliver Pirquet lives in Victoria B.C. on the west coast of Canada. His research has spanned diverse subject matter including acoustic filters for violins, vibration based energy harvesting, and brain machine interfacing.
He has recently received his masters of applied science from UVic (The University of Victoria) and is currently working as a research assistant at Uvic heading up acoustics design research under Dr. Ben Nadler in collaboration with GTI (Graph Tech Innovations Ltd.). In addition to his research he has passions in writing music, dance, sailing, skateboarding, and fine arts having exhibited in both painting and photographic works.

Company Profile (University of Victoria)

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