Disposable Sensoring of Sports Equipment with the Help of BLE (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Mr Jouni Heinonen, Member of the Board
Enfucell Oy
2015 4월29일.

Speaker Biography (Jouni Heinonen)

As a Swiss resident since 1989 Jouni Heinonen has made a long career in global technology business, leading the following companies as CEO: Plumettaz SA 2008-2011, Gurit Holding AG 2005-2007 and Nextrom Holding SA, a subsidiary of Nokia Corporation 1999-2005. Both Gurit and Nextrom are listed in the Swiss Stock Exchange SWX. Prior to Nextrom he worked in various management positions in Nokia Group since 1986. Jouni holds an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology. Jouni has been an active member of the board at Enfucell since 2012.

Company Profile (Enfucell)

Enfucell logo
Enfucell is a leading customized battery supplier to printed electronics industry. The company has developed SoftBattery®, a thin, flexible and eco-friendly printed power source. SoftBattery® can be utilized optimally in disposable and short lifetime products. Main application areas include medical, healthcare and logistics sensors, transdermal delivery systems and functional packaging. Enfucell's customers and partners include many of the world's leading corporations in their fields.
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