Disrupting Retail Analysis With BonAir (Bonbon Analytics) (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2017)

Ergi Sener, CEO
Bonbon Technology


Europe 2017 Presentation - Bonbon Technology*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Bonbon Technology*

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Presentation Summary

  • Revolutionizing retail analytics experience with wi-fi based advanced analytics solution
  • Wellcome to the next generation predictive analysis and actionable insights with BonAir
  • power of location based and profile filtered messages (convenience over privacy)
  • Securing and optimizing big data in the most efficient way with cloud based analysis

Speaker Biography (Ergi Sener)

Ergi Sener who is indicated as one of the 20 people to be followed in the field of technology in Turkey, is the CEO of Bonbon Technology, an innovative IoT based advanced analytics company. He received a BSc in Microelectronics Engineering in 2005 and double MSc in Telecommunications & Management in 2007 from Sabanci University. He is pursuing a PhD degree in Management.
Ergi began his career as the co-founder managing director of New Tone Technology Solutions in 2007 with the partnership of Sabancı University's Venture Company. Between 2009 and 2013, he worked as a CRM specialist at Garanti Payment Systems and as a senior product manager in the New Technology Business division of Turkcell. In 2013, he joined MasterCard as a business development manager for South East Europe cluster. Ergi also was one of the co-founder and managing director of Metamorfoz ICT, a new generation fintech company.
During his career, among many others Ergi received "Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award" in 2014, "MasterCard Europe President's Award for Innovation" in 2013, "Payment System of the Year Award" by Payment Systems Magazine in 2012, and "Best Mobile Transaction Solution Award" by SIMagine in 2011. Ergi has been writing technology articles based on recent trends and advances for some prestigious technology magazines. He is also a member of Advisory Board for Sabancı University MBA Program, technology advisor for TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly), and ReNewIst (a New York based consultancy company)."

Company Profile (Bonbon Technology)

Bonbon Technology logo
Bonbon Technology is a new generation technology company by design and a next generation IoT company at heart with the aim of using data in the most efficient way that will give rise to increase in profits. With BonAir, the flagship solution of Bonbon Technology, we try to solidify all big data trends to uncover the potential of big data and lead to provide competitive advantages for our clients. We have implemented the widest wi-fi based analytics platform in Turkey with more than 10.000 Bonbon sensors deployed in the field.
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