Emerging Mass Transit Applications for High Performance Battery Systems (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2016)

Mr Richard Zhou, President
Microvast Power Solutions
United States


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USA 2016 Audio Presentation - Microvast Power Solutions*

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Presentation Summary

Microvast will share experiences from deployments of over 14,000 rapid transit busses, trams and trolleys powered by Microvast's batteries worldwide today. In addition, we will explore how high performance batteries offer new possibilities with greater versatility for the mass transit electrical infrastructure of the future.

Speaker Biography (Richard Zhou)

Richard has over 30+ years experince in Energy Storage, Digital Film Making, Nano Technology, E-Commerce, IT and Transportation industry.

Company Profile (Microvast Inc)

Microvast Inc logo
Founded in 2006 in Stafford Texas, Microvast manufactures high performance battery systems for electric vehicles and stationary electric power grid applications. Microvast's LpTO™ lithium titanate batteries deliver rapid charge (fully charging in 10 minutes), and high cycles (achieving 25,000 full cycles).
Microvast's vertically integrated manufacturing processes, centered in Huzhou, China, include electrode materials, electrolyte materials, separator, battery cell, module, and pack production. Microvast will deploy over a gigawatt hour of batteries in Asia, Europe and North America this year. With over 100 issued patents Microvast continues to innovate and deploy new high performance battery technologies.
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