Emission-Free And Competitive eMobility System For Cities (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2017)

Mr Paul Leibold, Initiator & Project Leader
ACM - Adaptive City Mobility


Europe 2017 Presentation - ACM - Adaptive City Mobility*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - ACM - Adaptive City Mobility*

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Presentation Summary

Private owned combustion engine cars in cities cause huge problems on behalf of
1. Quality of Life 2. Health 3. Environment
We have to solve these problems with a general city solution:
„eFleets shared in different applications instead of driving around with private owned cars"
Cities will not replace these cars through 2 tons SUV´s - we need smarter solutions!

Speaker Biography (Paul Leibold)

Paul Leibold ist the Founder/CEO of Adaptive City Mobility (ACM). Five years ago, Paul initiated ACM, built the current partnership and raised funding from BMWi. As early as 15 years ago, the industrial engineer headed micro e-mobility projects for BMW Group. After, he played a significant part in building two successful German e-mobility start-ups.

Company Profile (ACM - Adaptive City Mobility)

ACM - Adaptive City Mobility logo
The purpose of the „Adaptive City Mobility" project is the development of a complete, emission-free mobility concept for cities. Ten cooperating technology ventures are constructing a small electric light-weight vehicle of the vehicle category L7E and developing it for series production. Combined with an innovative software, hardware and battery exchange system it depicts an extensive solution for the urban mobility of the future.
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