Enabling New Photovoltaic Technologies: Excimer Radiation To Clean, Activate And Pattern Surfaces To Prepare Surfaces Or To Create Organic Printed Circuits (Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018)

Mr Andreas Schaefert, Technical Development Manager
USHIO Deutschland GmbH


Europe 2018 Presentation - USHIO Deutschland GmbH*
Europe 2018 Video Presentation - USHIO Deutschland GmbH*

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Speaker Biography (Andreas Schaefert)

Andreas Schäfert joined the USHIO group in 2013 after finishing the MBA program of Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris. He holds in addition a Diploma in Applied Physics of TU Munich.
Earlier steps in his professional career were at GE Healthcare and EVONIK Industries.
As Technical Development Manager he is in charge for innovative excimer products and special applications, publishing also about recent technology developments.

Company Profile (USHIO Deutschland GmbH)

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Since 1964, USHIO has acquired a worldwide reputation as a specialist in industrial light sources, from ultraviolet to infrared and everything in between. Our products are in places as diverse as your future smartphone or as the BepiColombo Science Mission to Mars.
What we offer to our customers is not a product, but a solution. If you come to us with a question, we will work closely with you. We will share suggestions and information with you to ensure that you receive efficient, sustainable, high quality lighting solutions that exceed your expectations.
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