Energy Harvesting to Empower Better Solutions for Oil and Gas (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2013)

Mr Bill Gillette, President
Logimesh Technologies, LLC
United States
2013 11월21일.

Presentation Summary

Employing the latest advancements in heat scavenging energy harvesting technology, Logimesh Technologies has created an intelligent machine health management platform that will increase revenue by millions of dollars for oil and gas producers.
Currently installed on natural gas compression equipment in Colorado, Logimesh's patented technology monitors and analyzes critical machine health attributes to maximize equipment up-time, improve productivity, and significantly increase revenue.
Through the unprecedented integration of cutting-edge energy harvesting technologies, ultra-low energy wireless networks, and microprocessor powered proprietary algorithms, Logimesh developed the Logimote™ Intelligent Machine Health System.
Without the need for wired power or replaceable batteries, Logimote is the only autonomous, wireless, self-powered data collection and analysis platform designed to safety operate in oil and gas fields. It eliminates the need for manual equipment checks and unnecessary pre-scheduled maintenance on compressor systems.
Logimote's real-world application is using predictive analytics to turn BIG data into "actionable data" and empowering better decisions for oil and gas.

Speaker Biography (Bill Gillette)

Educated as an engineer, trained as a problem solver, and practiced as an innovator, Bill Gillette has 30-years of proven experience assembling and managing product development teams that have taken initial concepts from brainstorms through to commercial reality. He is an innovation change agent with demonstrated experience in improving company valuation through strategic new product/process development.

Company Profile (Logimesh Technologies, LLC)

Logimesh Technologies, LLC logo
Logimesh Technologies, LLC is a Fort Collins, Colorado company that has developed patented technology to track and analyze critical machine health in the oil and gas fields.
Logimesh's award-winning Logimote™ platform utilizes energy harvesting by scavenging engine heat to power autonomously operated sensors which collect and analyze real-time vibration and temperature data. The resulting analytics help maximize machine up-time, increase production, and improve profits..
Due to energy harvesting technology, Logimote end-node devices are intrinsically safe (operate safely in an explosive environment), and mount directly to the internal combustion engines and compressors commonly used on drilling rigs and natural gas compression units.
Through the unique integration of innovative technologies such as energy harvesting, ultra-low energy wireless networks and microprocessor powered algorithms, the oil and gas industry can now turn BIG data into predictive analytics and ultimately optimize operations and maximize profitability
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