First Flexible GaN-Based Electronics: Light Emitting Sheets (Printed Electronics Europe 2017)

Dr Vladimir Matias, Founder & President
iBeam Materials Inc
United States


Europe 2017 Presentation - iBeam Materials Inc*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - iBeam Materials Inc*

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Presentation Summary

We have developed a technology to deposit high-quality epitaxial GaN semiconductor directly on metal foils, replacing single-crystal wafers with large-area flexible substrates. Based on this technological breakthrough we demonstrated the first GaN-based LEDs fabricated directly on flexible foil. This opens the door to roll-to-roll processing of LEDs, printing of LEDs to replace pick-and-place, and monolithic integration of GaN-based devices.

Speaker Biography (Vladimir Matias)

Vladimir Matias is the Founder and President of iBeam Materials. Dr. Matias attained his degrees from Caltech (BS) and Stanford (PhD) and he has over 30 years of experience with advanced film technology. He worked both within the commercial sector, in two prior startups, and in government R&D supporting the development of commercial technologies. He is the world leader in the development of the ion-beam crystal alignment process and associated technologies, with over 150 technical papers, about 20 related patents, and two national R&D 100 awards.

Company Profile (iBeam Materials Inc)

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iBeam Materials seeks to disrupt the Lighting, Display and Wearable Electronics industries by creating new game-changing product categories with exponential growth potential. Our core IP is a patented three-stage process called GANOX whereby we want to fabricate bright printed LEDs directly on flexible large-area, low-cost metal foils. Printing of LEDs will allow for large-scale integration of lighting with other devices to enable new products such as paper-thin, super-bright, extremely-efficient and flexible displays.
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