Flexible Hybrid System Integration: Combining Printed Sensors with Flexible ICs (Printed Electronics USA 2014)

Mr Douglas Hackler, CEO
American Semiconductor, Inc.
United States
2014 11월20일.


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Presentation Summary

• Integrating printed sensors with electronics has proven challenging; traditional electronics provide functionality, but are not flexible which is a significant problem for wearable devices.
• The FleXform Flexible Hybrid Development Kit provides physically flexible ICs for easy integration of sensor readout and signal processing for prototyping and development.
• The manufacturing technology and methods behind the FleXform kit were developed to scale into high volume manufacturing.
• This presentation will provide the latest status and results from the FleXform kit development.

Speaker Biography (Douglas R. Hackler)

Mr. Hackler is an industry leader experienced in engineering, operations, marketing and management. He is President & CEO of American Semiconductor, having co-founded the company in 2001, and is co-inventor of Silicon-on-Polymer technology. He is a flexible electronics industry advocate committed to the flexible industry's development. He has over 30 years of experience in wafer fabrication, manufacturing and commercialization at M/A-Com, Zilog, Intel, NorTel and General Instrument. Doug has multiple patents for flexible technology and numerous publications. Doug holds engineering degrees from the University of Idaho (MSEE), Boise State University (BSEE) and in management from Texas Tech University (BBA).

Company Profile (American Semiconductor Inc)

American Semiconductor Inc logo
American Semiconductor (ASI) has installed the world's first ultra-thin wafer-level Chip Scale Packaging operation and assembly service in Boise, ID in 2019. ASI is the industry leader in flexible integrated circuits as well as a services provider for Flexible-Hybrid-Electronic (FHE) system design and prototype assembly. Standard and custom Semiconductor-on-Polymer (SoP) ICs are available ranging from OPAMPS to complex system-on-chip (SoC) to NFC and BLE. The company supports all aspects of flexible system design and prototype assembly in its advanced FHE Lab in Boise, ID. Visit us at www.americansemi.com External Link.
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