From Idea - To Launch - Utilising A Network Of Local Skills And Companies To Offer End-To-End Product Development Solutions With 3D Printing In The Prototyping And Manufacturing Process (3D Printing Europe 2017)

Mr Amin Torabi, CEO


Europe 2017 Presentation - myProductLab*

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Presentation Summary

Using our software platform we are plugging the local SMEs and talents into product development projects to offer a total solution for product creation to launch. The main steps involved are ideation well known:
design, prototyping, development, production, manufacturing, marketing, web presence, campaigns, launch and distributions of products.
Amin Torabi from myProductLab will talk about the customised products made using local service providers and emerging technologies and the platform which supports this

Speaker Biography (Amin Torabi)

Amin has over 20 years of product creation experience in the area of wireless mobile devices, software, services, applications, experience of working in Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Japan. He has an MSc degree in Electronics & Communication followed by advanced courses.
In 2012 he turned his attention towards 3D printing to found Europe's first 3D printing store-café and since mid-2014 to head up Sharebot Deutschland. He is focused on establishing Italy's most successful prosumer printer manufacturer in the German market.
He is in daily contact with the 3D printing market through his 3D printing store in Berlin. Amin sees 3D printing becoming well established in industry and is watching the consumer revolution gain momentum. He wants to drive "design thinking through making" into the business process of SMBs and help educate our next generation to see 3D printing as the norm.

Company Profile (myProductLab)

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myProductLab is the local services provider for product ideation, creation, production and launch. It is also the network of local creative, innovative and skilled companies and individuals providing these services. As a start-up or SME you want to convert your idea into a product and launch it globally, myProductLab is the one stop location for all your needs to realise this. At myProductLab we use the cutting edge technologies such as 3D Printing for prototyping and small series manufacturing.
myProuctLab manages the entire process supported by its specially designed software platform. The platform manages all of the partners, networks, expert linking as well as the development steps and CRM and can be redeployed and scaled as standalone product.
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