Fuel Cell Versus Pure Electric Vehicles - Lessons From China (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2018)

Dr David Hart, Director


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Presentation Summary

In this presentation we explore how the latest developments in China might change perspectives in Europe. So far Asia has led the world in bringing propulsion batteries and fuel cells to market, with Japan and South Korea instrumental in the process initially. But China is arguably opening the door to mass implementation of these technologies - through its strong support for New Energy Vehicles coupled with policy directed at new high value business opportunities. E4tech has been working across both technologies for some considerable length of time and closely follows developments around the world. We have noted a significant increase in fuel cell activity in China, from supply chain development, through technology onshoring to vehicle roll-out, and are drawing comparisons between the growth of the battery and the fuel cell manufacturing technology and the drivers behind this. To put all of this in context, we will share the latest fuel cell market data for all fuel cell shipments globally.

Speaker Biography (David Hart)

Dr David Hart has worked as an expert advisor, consultant and researcher on hydrogen energy and fuel cells for over 20 years. He leads and conducts projects from research to strategy in different industry sectors for governments, corporations and investors worldwide, has sat on Venture Capital investment committees and clean energy company boards, and chairs the Grove Fuel Cell Symposium Steering Committee. He has been an invited speaker on fuel cells on six continents. In 2001, having built a successful research group at Imperial College London, he co-founded E4tech's London office to work on sustainable energy strategy consulting, helping clients make the best decisions in uncertain conditions. Now based in Switzerland, he is a director of E4tech and heads the hydrogen and fuel cell consulting practice, while retaining a role as a Visiting Professor at Imperial College. He speaks grammatically challenged French, German and Japanese and can count to ten in Swahili.

Company Profile (E4tech)

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E4tech is a business consultancy focused on sustainable energy. Since 1997 we have worked at the interface between energy technology, environmental needs and business opportunities, serving a wide range of private and public sector clients in many countries. We offer our clients a range of services to help them understand the challenges and seize the opportunities in this dynamic and evolving industry, including:
• Strategy development and business planning
• Technology and market appraisal
• Expert assessment and advice for due diligence processes
• Techno-economic analysis of energy systems
• Policy assessment and input
• Software solutions
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