Functionalizing Textiles (Wearable USA 2016)

Mr Tony Chahine, CEO
Myant Inc.


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - Myant Inc.*
IDTechEx Show! USA Audio Presentation - Myant Inc.*

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Presentation Summary

The most natural solution from which we can extract data from our bodies is in form factors that are already being used by most people most of the time, and that covers a large real-estate footprint of the body: fabrics - shirts, underwear, socks, sheets, car seats etc. Textiles are already 'adopted' hence assuring a high compliance rate. With functionalized textiles, a single shirt has the ability to read, analyze and actuate.

Speaker Biography (Tony Chahine)

Tony is an entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Tony's natural entrepreneurial gift transformed his single store business start-up to a 100+ store chain before the age of 30. He has subsequently acquired and restructured many more businesses of much larger scales. As an innovator, he has pioneered movements in sustainable clothing, spearheaded many research and development projects in smart fabrics, and recently founded A.I.A. labs - a wearable technology hub created to make products for inventors, start-ups and established companies.

Company Profile (Myant Inc.)

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Myant is an innovation hub for designing, developing and producing wearable technology. Our in-house team holds an array of talents, and are industry leaders in fashion design, chemistry, physics, software development and engineering, creating a diverse group of talent, with the expertise to deliver on any project.
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