Gas Detection For Mobile Platforms, IOT And Industrial Applications (Sensors Europe 2017)

Mr Uwe Guenther, GM Industrial Sensing


Europe 2017 Presentation - IDT*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - IDT*

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Presentation Summary

Technology for determining air quality and detecting specific gasses will see significant growth in mobile and industrial systems over the coming months. Smart systems will monitor and react to ensure an individual's comfort and well-being. Applications are emerging in the homes, offices and in mobile platforms that leverage today's miniaturized solutions. While IoT has been defined in many ways, today's gas sensors are a true example of how our world will embrace smart sensors around us.

Speaker Biography (Uwe Guenther)

Uwe Guenther received his degree in electronic engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg. Past experience includes medical and mobile sensing with MEMS and optical-based technologies. Before receiving the responsibility over IDT's Industrial Sensing department, Uwe was responsible for the worldwide activities in the field of mobile sensing, targeting environmental sensing solutions for the wearable and smartphone markets.

Company Profile (IDT)

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