Gas Issues Affecting Reliability And Safety In Li-ion Batteries (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017)

Mr Alessio Corazza, Business Development Manager
SAES Getters


Europe 2017 Presentation - SAES Getters*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - SAES Getters*

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Presentation Summary

Safety still remains an important concern in lithium ion batteries. One of the usual issues is related to the gas evolution, frequently caused in the cells by abuse conditions: overcharge, over-discharge and elevated temperatures. The gas generation can induce over-pressure and swelling with subsequent reliability and safety problems for the devices. This presentation will describe main mechanisms leading to gas evolution and related effects; possible solutions to avoid the gas build-up in the cells will be also discussed.

Speaker Biography (Alessio Corazza)

Alessio Corazza graduated in Physics and specialized in Material Science at Milano University. He has been working at SAES Group since 1995 and has coordinated several R&D projects for the development of innovative solutions and components in High-Tech applications, such as Light sources, LEDs and Energy storage devices. Since 2014 he has been Business Development Manager for Lighting, Opto-electronics, Sensors and Energy Storage Applications. He is author or co-author of more than 30 scientific papers and more than 20 international patents.

Company Profile (SAES Getters SpA)

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The SAES Group is the world leader and pioneer of getters and special components for High-Tech sectors. Founded in 1940, SAES is a research and innovation driven company. Over the years advanced getters, dispensers, functional polymers, dryers, thermal management solutions, smart sealant products have been developed for many different applications: Electronic tubes, Opto-electronic devices, Light Sources, Sensors, MEMs, Vacuum systems, Energy Storage Devices, etc. SAES products play a crucial role in enhancing lifetime, safety and performances of the devices. During the last few years SAES developed innovative products for Energy Storage devices, such as capacitors and batteries.
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