Graphene/GO Doped HAPTIC 3D Coatings For Textile Applications (3D Printing USA 2018)

Dr Thomas Schmidt, Director of Innovation & RSL


USA 2018 (pdf) Presentation - IDTechEx*
USA 2018 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

A new selective addtive 3D coating technology branded as HAPTIC was developed and implemented in mass production. Beside of attractive visual design opportunities a strong focus is put on the HAPTIC touch perception of final products. HAPTIC touch perceptions can be controlled by application of selective multi-layer 3D textures, by the shape and thickness of these 3D textures and by the coating formulation itself. Now newly developed formulations are focusing on the functional improvements of HAPTIC coatings. Doping the coatings polymers with graphene and graphene oxide lead to outstanding mechanical properties especially in areas of abrasion resistance, tensile strength and flexing performance. All these properties are well required for high performance athletic footwear and sport garments with high wear resistance. Therefore HAPTIC coatings are mainly applied on textile substrates for the sporting goods industry today. The HAPTIC coatings are very robust and are based on fully waterborne chemistry and full compliance to the strictest RSL and MRSL can be achieved.
With the selective additive coating approach highest material efficiency can be achieved. This revolutionary approach to sneaker manufacturing improves sustainability and the environmental footprint of the supply chain for sports footwear and garments.

Speaker Biography (Thomas Schmidt)

Dr. Thomas Schmidt hold a PhD and Master degree in Material Science and Chemistry. He has an impressive international scientific and industrial background including a long list of publications, patents and awards. In 2017 he received the China Friendship Award for his significant contributions to the environmentally friendly development of China's growth. In his company he is responsible for innovation and especially for the new HAPTIC 3D coating technology.

Company Profile (Huafeng)

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HUAFENG is a leading textile technology solutions company with HQ in China. Major products are warp knitted, circular knitted and woven textile materials. Highly advanced machine technology leads to fully engineered fabrics. HUAFENG's main market is sport industry with strong focus on high performance synthetic fabrics. HUAFENG is a very vertically set-up company starting from yarn manufacturing all the way up to finished consumer products. The recently developed HAPTIC 3D coating technology allows efficient manufacturing of creative and high performance athletic footwear components. Advanced design and development teams together with vertical manufacturing set-up create an environment where innovation is the driving force further growing the company.
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