Haptics Transformation Through SMA For A More Accurate Feeling (Wearable Europe 2017)

Dr Andrea Cantone (PhD), Business Development Manager
Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.
United Kingdom


Europe 2017 Presentation - Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.*

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Presentation Summary

Cambridge Mechatronics Limited (CML) is a world leader in Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology. After establishing itself as a provider of SMA actuator platform technology in the smartphone and drone camera markets, CML is now launching a new design for a next generation haptic experience. Conventional products provide the user with a feedback sensation by shaking the entire device (smartphone or wearable), resulting in an unnatural effect. CML's solution creates a more sophisticated and nuanced experience by providing a localised feeling. SMA can create strong forces in a limited space without the use of magnetic parts, thus preventing compromise to antennae, audio speakers or NFC components' performance. During the talk, we will explore SMA characteristics and advantages, with a focus to the haptics market and how CML plans to take this technology to the mass market.

Speaker Biography (Andrea Cantone (PhD))

Andrea is the Head of New Products at Cambridge Mechatronics (CML), his focus is the commercialisation of CML's SMA platform technology in the haptics market. Andrea has extensive experience in commercialising cutting edge technologies and innovation. Before joining Cambridge Mechatronics, he worked at Audio Analytic, the world leader in sound recognition, where he was responsible for the company entry into and growth in the IoT space. Prior to that Andrea worked at Cambridge Enterprise - the technology transfer office for the University of Cambridge. Andrea has a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge where he still mentors postgraduates with an interest in entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation.

Company Profile (Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.)

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Cambridge Mechatronics Limited (CML) is a multidisciplinary engineering company that leverages smart materials to design and develop miniature motors (actuators) for use across a variety of applications.
CML's patented platform technology uses a smart material called shape memory alloy (SMA). CML has world-leading expertise in designing SMA-based actuators for electronic devices. The SMA wires in CML's actuators are less than a human hair in diameter and can be controlled to an accuracy of the wavelength of light. These actuators are particularly suited to applications that require high precision and force in a compact and lightweight design.
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