High Performance Yet Low Cost Sensors (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2017)

Mr Gael Patton, Co-Founder


Europe 2017 Presentation - Icohup*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Icohup*

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Presentation Summary

The aim of Icohup is to develop high performances yet low cost sensors for professional and industrial uses. We have two activities: in one hand we are developing and selling sensors with our brand "RIUM", in the other hand we are designing sensors for specific uses as a service provider. First of all, I will present our technology included in RIUM, a high performance yet easy to use connected sensor to measure radioactivity exposure. I will show the concept of gamma spectroscopy and tips which allow us to design a low cost sensor with this highly sensitive technology. In a second part, I will expose how we work to develop efficient sensors with a huge value for money. And I will rely on an examples of contactless sensors: a measurement of oil level in micrometer range.

Company Profile (Icohup)

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Icohup develop high performance yet low cost sensors.
On the one hand we develop our own brand of pollution sensors (radioactivity, pesticides, etc.), on the other hand we develop customized sensors (oil leak, surface control, etc.). We are developing mobile apps, web services, and APIs to use all our sensors.
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