High Volume, Low Cost Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting - The Industrial Solution (Energy Harvesting Europe 2017)

Mr Paul Egginton, CEO
TEGnology ApS


Europe 2017 Presentation - TEGnology ApS*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - TEGnology ApS*

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Presentation Summary

Starting with a brief history of thermoelectrics, we present a new thermoelectric module aimed at WSN battery elimination applications and a higher temperature solution for industrial / automotive use. We look at example applications and offer our opinion as to why it has taken so long to adopt this technology.

Speaker Biography (Paul Egginton)

Paul Egginton, born in England 1961, studied Applied Physics and went on to work in industrial research. Moving to Denmark in 1993 he helped start the Danish Micro Electronic Centre and went on to build the photonic device production facility for NKT Integration A/S. Later he developed production systems for advanced packaging and finally moved to SunSil A/S to develop and produce a new type of solar panel. Today he is CEO for TEGnology, a company with a new approach to thermoelectrics.
In his spare time, he enjoys windsurfing with his family, walking and cycling. He recently designed and built his own house and flies / builds model aircraft!

Company Profile (TEGnology ApS)

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TEGnology is a small privately owned company who has developed two novel thermoelectric materials for high volume applications. We base our solutions on readily available materials, thus avoiding the current supply limitations with, for example, tellurium as is used in many competing alternatives. Our mission is to provide assembled modules, designed specifically for the customer's needs. The customer will be a system integrator in either the low power sensor / IOT area, or large-scale power recovery in industry, marine or automotive.
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