Highly Efficient Solar Powered Vessels On Seas (Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017)

Casper van Engelenburg, Chief Engineer
TU Delft Solar Boat Team


Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017 Presentation - TU Delft Solar Boat Team*

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Presentation Summary

The TU Delft Solar Boat Team has developed solar powered vessels since 2005. This year we want to show the marine world the versatility of efficiency and sustainability on seas, by putting our own solar boat in these more salty and rough conditions.

Speaker Biography (Casper van Engelenburg)

In 2012, I started my bachelor Applied Physics and thereby started my life as a student. Fully thrown in the deep in this new life, I tried to develop myself not only in the world of physics but also on more 'lifely' things. Thinks like organising events, acquition training, trying to sport at top level and develop products from scratch. The last example really connects with my current life at the TU Delft Solar Boat Team where I am the systems engineer since September 2016.

Company Profile (Solar Boat Team)

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The TU Delft Solar Boat Team was established in 2005 by a couple of extremely enthusiastic students willing to sail fully on solar energy. Within one year, they succeeded and the first TU Delft solar boat was working. Throughout the years, the boats have become more and more efficient by trying different concepts and developing with the highest technology available. Since 2010, the use of hydrofoils was firstly introduced and has been developed to electronically driven wings enabling optimization on stability, maneuverability and efficiency.
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