How To Develop Technology That Is Strong And Invisible At The Same Time (Wearable Europe 2017)

Mr Philipp G. Schwarz, CEO & Founder
Wearable Life Science GmbH (ANTELOPE.CLUB)


Europe 2017 Presentation - Wearable Life Science GmbH (ANTELOPE.CLUB)*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Wearable Life Science GmbH (ANTELOPE.CLUB)*

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Speaker Biography (Philipp G. Schwarz)

Philipp G. Schwarz (born 1971 in Kiel, Germany, father of three) studied Business Administration in Hamburg and Munich. Beside his function as Head of Research and Development at GLUCE, Schwarz is Co-founder of Wearable Life Science GmbH, which developed the first Active-Sportswear with integrated EMS-system. He gained his skills as Serial Entrepreneur (getyourcar, m-broker, Motonautic), Independent consultant, member of executive and supervisory boards at several start-up companies (e-Sixt, sleeq, stayfriends).
As a passionate athlete Schwarz competes in any kind of sports (triathlon, cross-country skiing, long distance swimming).

Company Profile (Wearable Life Science GmbH (ANTELOPE.CLUB))

Wearable Life Science GmbH (ANTELOPE.CLUB) logo
Wearable Life Science GmbH (WLS) is the company behind the brand ANTELOPE. WLS was founded in March 2014 by Kay Rathschlag (EMS pioneer) and Philipp G. Schwarz (serial entrepreneur) together with sports scientist Patrick Thumm. Dr. Mynia Deeg (finance and medical expert) joined the management team in January 2016. In two years they built up an interdisciplinary team of currently 25 members. The team includes textile and electrical engineers, software and IT specialists, distribution, marketing and PR experts. They developed a novel sports tech product (ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR) consisting of three parts: a compressive textile with embedded electrodes and wiring and an innovative hardware and app to control the system. Antelope is the world's first sportswear with full body electro muscle stimulation that helps you to workout in the most effective and time-efficient way.
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