Human Augmentation With Wearable Robotics (Wearable USA 2017)

Nikhil Dhongade, Head of Business Development
Roam Robotics
United States


USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Roam Robotics*

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Presentation Summary

We are improving mobility with a new type of exoskeleton designed to go into the real world by directly addressing the weight and cost barriers that have limited traditional devices to the lab. We see a future where exoskeletons are a tool used to make people more mobile in their jobs, in their homes, and ultimately in their everyday life.

Speaker Biography (Nikhil Dhongade)

Nikhil has over the last 10 years served as an executive in large multi-national corporations with responsibilities for Corporate and Business Development, M&A, Product Marketing, and P&L management. He has completed 2.5B USD in M&A transactions, launched 16 products in various categories, and has led transformative change initiatives driving growth and profitability. He now leads Business and Product development efforts at ROAM ROBOTICS Inc., a start up wearable robotics company. Mr. Dhongade has an M.S. from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from Duke University.

Company Profile (Roam Robotics)

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At our core, we are a mobility company. We recognize that how we interact with the world around us is defined by what our bodies enable whether that is in the context of where we live, work, or play. We believe powered exoskeletons can overcome some of the limits presented by our bodies and enable new capabilities.
ROAM is a spin out of OTHERLAB Inc. A talented creative family of scientists and inventors working on a range of projects in the robotics, renewable energy, digital manufacturing, transportation, and educational markets. OTHERLAB is located in a historic pipe organ factory in the heart of San Francisco's Mission district.
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