Inductive Power Transfer At MHz Frequencies (Energy Harvesting Europe 2017)

Mr Philip Kunovski, CTO
United Kingdom


Europe 2017 Presentation - KYMIRA Ltd.*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - KYMIRA Ltd.*

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Presentation Summary

Wireless power transfer through magnetic induction has been known for over a 100 years, but recent breakthroughs in semiconductor technologies have meant that practical operation at megahertz frequencies is now possible. This means that engineers can finally start to achieve high-efficiency power transmission over greater distances.

Speaker Biography (Philip Kunovski)

Philip Kunovski is the CTO at KYMIRA Ltd. He leads the research and development into new power platforms for wearable technologies the company is developing. Philip holds a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering and Cybernetics and is currently conducting PhD research into Wireless Power Transfer for wearable monitoring solutions. He has delivered projects in Systems Control, Digital Signal Processing and Analysis, Electronics Design and Product Manufacture. Philip also previously worked for a military and defence innovations company and afterwards started his own company, which licences IP to UK manufacturers.

Company Profile (Kymira)

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KYMIRA is a young company founded in 2013 and based at the Science and Technology Centre at the University of Reading. The company currently operates in the Health and Fitness market with their sportswear brand, KYMIRA Sport. At the same time KYMIRA is conducting government funded R&D and is developing wearable technologies including energy harvesting and e-textiles for the primary usage within the medical and healthcare markets.
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